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How To Stop Being Taken For-granted?

How To Stop Being Taken For-granted?

When someone takes you for granted, then you have to be very quick to respond against it. This is because today, one takes you for granted after some time other do this as well. Because that person sees the other person, which took you for granted. Whether you say nothing to that person, or neither you take any action on being for granted. Whether someone took you for granted, then you never make your own decision.

How To Stop Being Taken For-granted?

Whether you never express what you feel to that person, who takes decisions on yours. Whether so you have to tell that person at that moment. When that person starts taking you for granted. Sometimes, when you see how the character you get represented in front of people. Then you may feel very bad for yourself. This is because you like or enjoy the start of this thing because you think that there is someone who decides, on your behalf. But you know, after some time you lose your confidence, whether for making or taking any decision for yourself. Whether you start searching for that person so that the person can make a decision. So what you can do, when someone takes you for granted. What you can do so that you can stop yourself from being taken for granted. 

Say no to other 

Whenever anything happens good with you, or something bad happens with you. If something is done by someone else. At that time if you say yes to that person or nothing to that person, then you have been taken for granted. It doesn’t matter someone gives or sends the best rakhi gifts, but if you do not like that.

Then you can say no, or you don’t need good to accept that thing.  So what you can do is tell the person what you want to say. Whether you want to say yes to that person or not. If someone is doing well for you, you should say thanks. But if someone wants to do something, that your heart doesn’t allow. Something you don’t like but still, you are not denying. To learn how to say no. Otherwise, people will take you for granted. 

Don’t be nice always 

It is not necessary to be God of sacrifices. You know why because this world is so cruel. So stop being nice always. Otherwise, people will not value you, they will start taking you for granted. So if you don’t need to good always. If you don’t want something. Just say, I don’t like it or I can’t do it at any cost. 

Don’t show up 

When other’s activities affect you, and you don’t ask that people take you for granted. That’s why sometimes people feel like it when your presence doesn’t matter. Your importance is nothing, no matter whether you are there or not. You order fabulous gifts online, for someone.

But these things do not affect that person, so what you can do. You don’t need to go there. If you aren’t there by your mind, then that person should understand. That person has to understand you don’t like to showcase your feelings. That person should, it’s just you are not showcasing your feeling. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel bad. And if you are feeling bad, you don’t need to hide. You can tell that person without any hesitation. Listen I don’t like it and I will not stand here. Ultimately, you have to know your value then people will value you and your feelings. 

Stop putting yourself in other shoes 

You don’t need to become like another one. Someone can’t take you for granted because you are not like that person, whom that person likes. In this way, you try to fit yourself in other shoes. But you don’t need to do that if someone tells you, to you be like this or that. Then said to that person, I like myself as I am. Whether by stopping yourself to get fit in other shoes. You can stop being taken for granted as well. 

Whether by taking the bold decision or by telling, that person that you are not going to be that one. Whether which that person wants you to be.

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