Foxy Eyes: A widespread makeup trend among celebrities

We love seeing how famous women come up with makeup, find out their tricks and try to wear the same look. The truth is that her makeup has always been a trend and now what is known as Fox Eyes. Do you know what that is? Here we will give you the best keys for you to wear. This is a technique that produces a more torn appearance, but not just thanks to eye protection. Because in this case, concealer also has a lot to do with it. Both Kardashian sisters like their Bella Hadid model no longer leave their homes without this idea. Foxy eyes, like Bella Hadid: a new star appearance that became the standard for plastic surgery. Many girls, who will make plastic, are guided by the appearance of stars – they want eyes like Bella. Do you want to know what it is and start using it?

What is the Foxy Eyes trend?

In terms of makeup there are always many trends, to highlight certain areas of the face. Although in some cases, we also want to obscure many other things. When we refer to it as Foxy Eyes, it’s because we want to accentuate the look and make the eyes look a little more slanted. So the protagonist is carried by them and also by the eyebrows which have to be plucked well so that a clearer appearance is still made. The famous is already in love with half the world with a technique like this and now you can get it too. ‘Fox eyes’ sweep and lengthen the appearance of half the world. Find out!

The trick is in the concealer application

Foxy Eyes

One of the first tricks to get this elongated look is to use concealer. We know that it always takes a few steps beforehand to achieve the effect we want and in this case, it will be no different. So, after applying the foundation for the face and preparing the skin, this is the time for us to hide. Where should we use it? Well, in three specific areas:

  • First, from the lacrimal to the nose. But not in a straight line, but downwards as if we wanted to reach his fins.
  • The next step is in the mouth. Following the lower lip line, we made a horizontal parting.
  • Finally, at the end line of the eye. As if we are going to decipher it, but in this case only with concealer.

Blur and illuminate important points of the face

Once you apply the concealer, you just need to mix it well. As is common in these cases, the help of a sponge will always be the thing we need. After that, we will cover with powder and a touch of highlighter on the areas we have worked on. Only in this way will we be able to give them the advantages they need and need until the eyes become a little torn. Therefore, we must move to a new point that will complete our great work.

Outline to complete Foxy Eyes makeup

How could it be otherwise, as described It is also one of the foundations for any makeup worth it’s salt. Therefore, in this case, it is also very necessary. We must make a baseline, on the outside of the eye but a little thinner and longer than usual. While not only that, the torn part was also reciprocated with a line there. This will make the eyes look longer and more expressive.

Something that is also combined with the previous concealer process. As for the shade, in this case, it does not care about ordinary interests. It is best to opt for slightly smokey eyes, which also give intensity to the appearance. But always in brown or quite soft and bright. Since once again we emphasize that we want to highlight it is the outline part and the base of the eye. Have you tried it yet?

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