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The Relationship Between Gun Violence And Drugs

Substances don’t mix well with other drugs, and firearms are everywhere. Drugs make you more likely to make unsafe decisions, especially if the drug is alcohol. 

Drugs can give you the confidence (especially at high degrees of intoxication) to do something you would never do if you were sober, such as hurt someone with a pistol. 

Consider this: no matter how much you despise someone, hurting them while sober would need some thought. Unless there is substance abuse treatment involved, it is rarely a spur of the moment decision.

Violence has consequence, particularly murder. But, when you’re high on drugs or booze, pulling out a gun and shooting is all too easy.

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Prevention

Nonviolent drug offenders currently make up 46% of the federal prison population, while gang members make up 70% of the population. Even if only 5% of those already incarcerated for drug offenses return to help their families, that’s nearly 100,000 fewer gang recruits across the country.

Another strategy for reducing gun violence is to focus on mental health prevention. Some argue that if we change our justice system to lessen convictions for crimes with no victims, we will have more parent figures to teach children the fundamentals of being a good citizen

When a parent is incarcerated, many children feel alone and have no one to turn to but drugs. Addictions progress swiftly, resulting in mental illness and foolish decisions. 

One of the most important role models for youngsters is their parents. You can raise a child in a certain way and assist them in developing the necessary morals to avoid drugs and violence. 

Replacing Prescriptions With Support

Before going on their spree, many of the recent mass shooters in America were given psychotropic antidepressants, which have a long history of promoting antagonism and homicidal intent.

Another way to avoid gun violence caused by prescribed medicines is to impose tougher regulations for acquiring prescriptions and to replace them with alternative therapies. 

  • When a user enters treatment, they may be provided medications to help them manage with their pain, but support and therapy are always a priority.
  •  In therapeutic settings, support can take numerous forms and is extremely effective. As a result, substituting support for medicines could be a viable option for assisting patients in their recovery.

Alcohol And Guns

Making it illegal to carry guns into bars is one answer, but this does not prevent people from drinking at home when a gun safe is available. Although it is a tough and divisive topic, individuals are beginning to take a stronger stand against gun violence caused by alcohol and drugs

The bottom line

Armed citizens who follow the law improve public safety. Everyone is at risk when firearms are in the wrong hands. Responsible gun policies prioritize stopping dangerous people rather than infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens. 

More records on people who have been adjudicated to be so profoundly mentally ill that they pose an actual threat should be included in background checks for gun sales.

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