The Best Historical Museums to Check Out in the Albany Area

Our nation’s history is what sculpted it into the country it is today, and there’s nothing better you can do than stop and study how that happened. Whether you’re from the Albany area or you’re visiting and want to use the chance to get to know its part in history, there are countless museums and historic stops to make while you’re here.

These are the best historical museums to check out here, and why they matter! 

1. USS Slater

How often do you get to say you spent time in a floating museum? Serving both in the Green and US Navy, this Cannon-class destroyer was instrumental in World War Two and continues to tell the story of the people who lived and worked on board this vessel. By standing on this ship, you can walk the same halls these navy men did and learn about the lives they led in the most direct way possible. This is an incredible stop that is fascinating for adults and children alike.

2. Cherry Hill

Dating back to the 1700s, this beautiful museum and historic house is an incredible piece of American history. As the highest-rated museum on this list, countless visitors have said this is an important and interesting stop that everyone should make.

Located on South  Pearl Street, Cherry Hill is surrounded by countless other historic properties that all have a charm and glamor of their own. This is an eye-opening stop for anyone new to historic properties. 

3. Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site

Thanks to the hit Broadway musical, this historic site has seen a huge boost in popularity and interest in the last ten years. This brick mansion was once the home of Philip Schuyler and his family and was built in the 1760s. Although this historic landmark may look like one of the Albany houses for sale you could walk through, its heavy historical importance and incredible style make it one of a kind.  

4. Ten Broeck Mansion

Famous for being part of the Arbor Hill Historic District-Ten Broeck Triangle, the Ten Broeck mansion has been a beautiful part of Albany for over 225 years and continues to be a fantastic example of that era’s architecture and design tastes. Doubling as a museum, you can walk through the history that helped make the historic district stand out while also enjoying the art of architectural design.

5. Irish American Heritage Museum

Irish people are part of what made this country into what it is today, so it only fits that there’s a museum to tell the story of their history here. Not only does this heritage museum go over the culture in the country, but it also explains what contributions they’ve made to the nation and how we continue to be positively affected by them.

This City Understands the Importance of History

Whether you’re considering moving here to further your education or you’re excited to live in an area with cooler summers, there are countless reasons to move and fall in love with Albany. Consider exploring some of these amazing historic sites and museums next time you get the chance.


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