This Vacation, Roam like no other with Bike on Rent

Bike rentals open up a gateway of happiness. You’re given many chances to explore nature and architecture like no other. From lush green hills to classical monuments, there are endless possibilities if one wants to explore. 

Places you can roam in Hyderabad with a Bike on Rent:

Hyderabad, the pearl city is a land of varied emotions, from the food to the locals to the rich cultural history and the scenic beauty. Having a bike on rent in Hyderabad surely intensifies the fun of roaming around this historic city as a tourist. Here are some places that should be on your wishlist as you opt for a bike on rent in Hyderabad. 

  • Charminar :

Charminar presents its visitors with a mesmerising contrast of age-old traditions and a pretty modern form of architecture. Charminar is quite a busy place, making rush hours even worse for the ones who wish to travel on four-wheelers. Bikes on rent are easy to park and also help you take as many angular camera shots from anywhere and almost everywhere. An advantage that no tourist on a bus or car can never avail. 

  • Golconda Fort :

Golconda Fort is a treat to the traveller’s eyes. Rental bikes offer flexibility throughout the ride and let you travel and enjoy nature all through the small trip effectively. They also make sure that you cross the challenging and sometimes bumpy roads hassle-free. 

  • Ramoji Film City:

One of the largest film studios in the world, this is absolute heaven for a movie buff. You’re just a short bike ride away from living your dreams. The enthralling views can be enjoyed further from well outside the premises with a bike. Something that might not be as fun with a four-wheeler. 

Places to Visit in Kolkata while opting for a Bike on Rent :

Kolkata is a fantasy town that comes straight out of a novel. Wherever you place a camera, there’s a shot ready to behold the eyes. Here are some of the most beautiful and culturally divine places that you must opt for while settling for a bike on rent in Kolkata : 

  • Victoria Memorial:

With a bike on rent in Kolkata Victoria memorial is just a short ride away from the heart of the city. The brainchild of George Curzon, the white marble building stands tall, reminiscing the rich cultural impact that colonial rule had in India. It’s always advised to get a glimpse of this beautiful monument at sunset and given that one has a bike on rent, they can quickly ride past the monument during the said time. 

  • Howrah Bridge :

When renting a bike, it’s a must for an individual to take a ride on the road parallel to Millennium Park and head straight to Howrah Bridge. A hustling and busy bridge, a bike ride through it is the epitome of romance. 

  • Park Street :

The street that never sleeps. The heart of Kolkata’s nightlife, Park Street is a delight, even just roaming around in rental bikes. With a wealth of diners and pubs, Park Street has forever remained one of the most well-known hangout spots. A ride through all the major and minor attractions during nighttime without the hassle of having to think about overpriced taxis is a freedom that you must thoroughly enjoy while on a bike ride. 

Wrapping up: 

Though there are many possible ways of commuting while on a vacation, the bike on rent still tops the chart. This is mostly because of the convenience and the low-cost budget that they have to offer. So make sure your next vacation is well planned and ready to have bike journeys like no other. 


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