Describing the application and safety measures for ketoconazole

For the treatment of some severe fungal infections inside this body, the said ketomac plus cream uses come to play. Ketoconazole is a member of said azole antifungals medication class. It functions by halting the fungus’s growth. Because of the risk of major adverse effects plus drug interactions, ketoconazole cannot be used to help treat any fungal  infections of both the skin plus nails. One can use various medications to combat these kinds of infections; discuss your options with your doctor. 

Application of ketoconazole 

Prior to beginning treatment with ketoconazole as well as each time you receive a refill, review the medication guide that your pharmacist has provided. Ask your physician or pharmacist should you have any queries. This medication is taken by mouth once daily, or as prescribed by your doctor. You can take this drug with or without meals, but consuming it with food lessens the likelihood of stomach problems. 

Ketoconazole might not get fully absorbed into your system if taken within two hours of or one hour after having an antacid if you’re taking one. For further details, see also any Drug Interactions. 

Ones medical condition, therapeutic response, and any additional drugs you may well be taking will all factor into the dosage and duration of your treatment. Inform your physician and pharmacist of all the products they consume (including prescription drugs, even nonprescription drugs, plus herbal products). Its dosage is indeed determined by weight in youngsters. The duration of the course of treatment can range from the many days to many months. 

Maintaining a steady level of medication within your body seems to be the key to this medication’s effectiveness. Use this medication at regular intervals. Consume it at the exact same time every day to aid in memory. 

Even if symptoms go within a few days, keep taking this medication again until entire advised dosage is gone. A recurrence of the infection could occur if the treatment is stopped too soon. 

If your issue persists or worsens, let your doctor know. 


Inform your doctor but rather pharmacist if you maybe are suffering from other allergies prior to taking ketoconazole orally or applying ketomac skin cream, including those to levoketoconazole, plus other azole antifungal medications (such as fluconazole and itraconazole), or other substances. Inactive chemicals in this product have the potential to trigger allergic reactions and perhaps other issues. Communicate to local pharmacist for additional information. 

Inform your doctor and otherwise pharmacist about your medical history prior to starting this drug, especially if you have: liver issues, alcohol use, perhaps low testosterone, diminished adrenal gland function, any problems with low cortisol levels, or insufficient synthesis of said stomach acid (achlorhydria). 

A disorder that disrupts the heart rhythm could be brought on by ketoconazole. Sometimes, QT prolongation can result in fast/irregular heartbeat which is significant (rarely fatal) plus other symptoms including acute dizziness even fainting that require immediate medical intervention. 

If you take other medications or have specific medical problems that could raise your risk of QT delay, you should consult your doctor. The following conditions should be disclosed to your healthcare provider or pharmacist prior to using ketoconazole: specific heart issues (heart failure, sluggish heartbeat, QT prolongation mostly in EKG), genetic history about certain heart problems. 

Elderly people might be more vulnerable to this medication’s adverse effects, particularly QT prolongation.

This drug should only be taken during pregnancy if absolutely necessary.Explain to the specialist the benefits and drawbacks.

The above drug is excreted in breast milk. Prior breastfeeding, speak with your doctor.


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