Why Use a Menstrual Cup Instead of Using Usual Sanitary Napkins or Tampons?

Why Use Shecup and its benefits?

There has been a long debate over the benefits that the best menstrual cup brings to a woman’s personal hygiene against the usual sanitary napkins and tampons. It is a fact that most of the complaints made by women using the menstrual cups are found to be caused by their improper use of the cups or their cups were not the correct size or material as per their natural requirements.

Thus, it is best to order a menstrual cup after understanding what it does, how it does it, what are the different kinds of Shecup, and the best methods to use it effectively.

Why Use Shecup?

The simplest explanation for using a premium Shecup by any woman would be its simplicity of usage, making it the most practical and hygienic. Not to forget its economic benefits and environmental advantages, which add to the satisfaction of using such a good product. The below-mentioned details should sum up the reasons for using menstrual cups and discarding the usual sanitary napkins and tampons.

Extreme Comfort: Once a woman finds out the correct material and method to use the menstrual cup, there is nothing else that would make her feel comfortable anymore. The simple fact that the menstrual fluids are not going to stain her innerwear, or give her a feeling of sticky wetness down there is an extremely blissful state of being during the menstruation days. To top off, there is no need to carry any additional tampons or napkins for changing as the cup can be pulled out, emptied, cleaned, and inserted again every couple of hours. The upkeep and storage are much convenient than the other sanitary products.

Price: In a woman’s entire menstrual lifetime, money spent on sanitary products comes to a large amount. However, buying just one or two menstrual cups would cost merely a fraction of that money because the cups last anywhere from many months to years once bought and used. Thus, in an entire lifetime of a woman, she may not use more than 5 cups, if she doesn’t lose them.

Eco-Friendly: Since Shecups are primarily made from medical-grade silicone, they are biodegradable. Thus, they don’t pile up in the dumping ground and create an issue for the environment; which most sanitary pads and tampons do. They can be disposed of with biodegradable kitchen waste and they would wither away in a couple of months depending on the weather condition.

Health Benefits: The use of tampons and pads can create irritation and itchiness in the skin around the vagina as well as there is a possibility of infections as well. The dryness caused by them is another discomfort for many women. But with the best menstrual cup, all the feminine health issues get sorted and no complication ever arises.

Hence, after figuring out, which Shecups suits the woman best, order menstrual cups online for less than what could be bought from the store in the local market.

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