Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry

Jewelry holds an important place in every woman’s wardrobe. It has a great role to play in enhancing your appearance. It adds a unique sparkle to your look like none other. Apart from having a traditional and religious value, jewelry has a great significance in the fashion world too. It is a source of uplifting your confidence and elegance.

Now that you know so much about jewelry’s importance, let’s learn more about its types and ways of selecting wedding jewelry.

The Different Types of Jewellery

  • Antique Jewellery:

Antique jewelry has been there for ages. It is a vintage piece that has survived decades. Its timeless appearance and classic design have stood the test of time. Such jewelry pieces are generally passed from one generation to another as heirloom pieces. The Antique jewelry features precious stones, metals, and a special vintage aura. Moreover, it has state-of-art workmanship and is pretty heavier in weight than today’s modern jewelry pieces.

  • Temple Jewelry:

Temple jewelry is known for its unique elaborate sculptures and motifs. This jewelry is named after Bharatnatyam dancers. The design of this jewelry is inspired by Hindu gods and goddesses. The Temple jewelry pieces have highly intricate detailing which clearly shows the level of craftsmanship involved in its making. This jewelry class holds an important place in Indian heritage and is believed to have its origin from the Chola kingdom in the 9th century.

  • Kundan Jewelry: 

Colored gemstones are the primary defining feature of Kundan jewelry. These gemstones known as kundans have an exquisite sheen that makes kundan a desirable piece of jewelry. The kundans studded in the best patterns and design is what sets this jewelry apart from other types. This jewelry finds its origin in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The kudan jewelry pieces have precious and semi-precious stones flaunting rich and luxurious appeal. This jewelry is the best choice for those who love the ethnic appearance.

  • Contemporary Fashion Jewelry:

The contemporary fashion jewelry designs are inspired by modern aesthetics. The contemporary jewelry pieces are designed on the principle of “less is more”. Featuring sleek, slim, and thin profiles these jewelry pieces are ideal to adorn any outfit. They add elegance to your ensembles without making you feel overwhelmed. The contemporary jewelry is designed keeping in view the busy lifestyle of modern people.

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Some Tips To Remember for Choosing Wedding Jewelry

  • Ensure that your jewelry matches your outfit. For simple, less detailed outfits, select heavy jewelry, and for the heavy outfit, select light jewelry.
  • Match jewelry with your dress’s fabric rather than matching it with the dress’s work.
  • Necklace, bangles, earrings, and rings are some important wedding jewelry that you shouldn’t miss by any chance. Hop over to this website to purchase a gold necklace for a wedding.
  • Invest in jewelry pieces that you can wear over and over again.
  • Lastly, shop from a trusted store so that you get quality pieces that stay intact with shine like new for longer.

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