What makes a good EDC knife?

Wallet, phone, and keys are the everyday carry things. Nowadays, EDC knives have also gained much popularity. It has become quite trendy and important to keep a venerable pocket knife with you. This is a symbol of a person being prepared for everything. Everyday carry knives have a wide range of purposes ranging from opening the parcels to self-defence. shieldon knife is one of the trendiest, most functional, and well-designed knives manufactured by the company.

Features of a good EDC knife

It is quite important to choose the most suitable pocket knives for you. Choosing the best pocket knife is quite necessary. There are several factors that assist you in choosing the best pocket knife for you. Below-mentioned points are a few important factors that can assist you. So let us know them.

1.      Weight and size

The most important factor is to consider the weight and size of the EDC knife. EDC knives are the most useful things that you can carry. However, the knife should be easy to carry. A holder would not find it inconvenient to carry the knife in his pocket. However, the knife should be robust to hold.

2.      Shape and blade length

The perfect EDC knives have the perfect shape and the perfect blade length. The blade’s drop point should be between 2.5 to 3.5 inches, and it should be suitable to handle daily life tasks. Longer knives feel weird to hold. Shorter blades are easy to handle. The blade should be quite sharp to cut the surfaces.

3.      Blade steel

The best EDC knives have the best blade steel. The blade determines the cutting performance of the knife. The steel in the knife should be corrosion resistant, edge retentive, and easy to maintain. You can gather more information about the blades of the knives. This is how you are more likely to purchase the right knife for yourself.

4.      Locking systems

Every EDC knife has a locking system. The best EDC knives have the best locking systems. The locking system makes it easy and safe to use the knife. Different knives have different locking systems, and they operate in different ways. Customized knives have unique locking systems that make them the most special.

5.      Handles

The best EDC knives are the handiest as they have good handles. The handle is as good as the blade part of the knife. You can use the knife if the handle is easy to hold. The best EDC knives have grippy, durable, and comfortable handles. These handles are made of all-rounded material. Customized knives have handles made of wood, micarta canvas, and anodized aluminium.

6.      Styling

Styling is the additional feature of EDC knives. After a person has checked all the factors that make the best EDC knife, he can focus on the style. Different knife manufacturers make knives of different styles and designs. There are fancy, elegant, and unique designs of knives available in the market. Custom Knife Factory makes the trendiest knives in the market.


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