Front-End Developers: Who are They and Why are They Needed?

Basically, the front end is what users see when they use the application. The term “client-side” often refers to this part. In addition to working with languages such as CSS and JavaScript, Front End Web Developers may also work with frameworks. The Front End Web Developer is responsible for managing what users see when they visit the website. Client-side engineer designs, analyzes and debugs the code. Therefore, they are responsible for the look, feel, and design of websites and web applications. Besides knowing the front end, front end web developers should also possess some understanding of the back end and possibly frameworks as well.

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How to Become A Front End Developer:

· Front End Development Bootcamp

There is no faster or more efficient way to become a Front End Web Developer than through a Front End Development bootcamp. It is rare to find bootcamps that offer purely front end programming tracks as Turing and Grand Circus do. Graduates from bootcamps like Flatiron School are capable of choosing between front end and back end, and then they can get comfortable with the technologies they specialize in. The majority of graduates of coding bootcamps secure jobs after they graduate by teaching them both technical skills as well as job-hunting skills. An average bootcamp lasts 8-16 weeks and costs $14,780 USD. Many bootcamps now have options for deferring tuition, income-sharing agreements, or buying into courses.

· Self Study

The self-study option requires more time and self-discipline than any other. Although self-teaching can help you acquire the technical skills needed to develop a program or website, you will also need to know how to find a job and put your skills to the test. There are numerous online learning options that cost anything from nothing to thousands of dollars, depending upon the programs you use. Learn the skills you need to succeed on the job could take anything from eight weeks to multiple years, depending on how committed you are.

· A Computer Science Degree Vs. Coding Bootcamp

To become a Front End Developer, you will need a college degree, which is the longest and perhaps most expensive path. As opposed to a coding bootcamp, this program will expose you to more low-level programming and theoretical knowledge than a coding bootcamp. You may also be able to pursue internships through a degree program. According to critics, computer science degrees do not provide as much practical experience or tailored career counselling as bootcamps. Computer science degrees usually cost between $35,000 USD and four to five years to complete.


A developer’s toolbox is incomplete without an understanding of front-end languages, frameworks, and critical thinking. In addition to hard skills, recruiters are looking for soft skills in Front End Developers, since these professionals often work in a team. Front End Development bootcamp provide their students with both technical and transferable skills training. Skills like, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Grid, JavaScript, Frameworks, Responsive Design, Version Control and Git, Debugging and Testing and Soft Skills are mostly taught.

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