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Since the advent of 6mp cameras, there has been much debate about whether they are worth it for the average home or shop owner. They have a higher resolution, but is that resolution enough to justify the higher cost? Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using dahua 6mp cameras.

What does 6mp mean?

Image resolution is measured in pixels. Pixels are essentially small particles that make up an image. The more pixels an image has, the more detailed and clearer the image is. Fewer pixels means that each pixel has to be enlarged to cover the whole image area. This will make the image look rather blocky, like in Minecraft. To get the total number of pixels, multiply the number of pixels in height by the number of pixels in width. The dahua 6mp cameras record images at 8 megapixels (MP). The terms 6mp and 8 megapixels are used interchangeably, as 8 megapixels refers to the total number of pixels, while 6mp refers to images with 4000 pixels in the horizontal direction.

Are dahua 6mp cameras better?

The dahua 6mp cameras get a lot of attention with upd to date technology because they offer higher resolution. For security cameras, good resolution is very important to capture events. If someone robs your house, you want a detailed record of the incident and clear images of the culprit to help in the investigation. If the footage is too blurry to see anything. It will be worthless and your investment in a security system will have waste.

The dahua 6mp cameras provide clear images even when zoomed in. The problem with low-resolution cameras is that the more you zoom in, the blurrier the image will become. 6mp cameras are so detaile that using 2 times the digital zoom still produces an image. That is 2 times clearer than a 2 megapixel camera.

Another advantage of using dahua 6mp cameras is that they usually have a wider field of view, which means you can see more of an area with one camera. So although the cost per camera is higher than lower resolution cameras, in the end you can save money because you won’t have to buy as many cameras.

Whenever dahua 6mp cameras are discusse, a common disadvantage is that they require more storage and bandwidth. As we explained earlier, higher resolution will mean more pixels, which means more data to include. Compared to lower resolution cameras. 6mp cameras need more storage and bandwidth because there is more data to store and transmit. You can also detailĀ  visit the subwoofer cable.

However, these problems can alleviated using H.265. a video surveillance codec. That works compressing the video file size to reduce the required storage and bandwidth. H.265 is the most advance codec available on the market today. And many 6mp cameras use it to reduce bandwidth load and save storage capacity. Storage and bandwidth are certainly factors to consider. When choosing a security camera, but most dahua 6mp cameras. Won’t fully load your system as much as you might think.

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