What is Ejari Dubai? All About Ejari Online Registration

What is EJARI? Ejari is an Arabic word that means “my rent,” but in Dubai, it refers to a new legal proposal supported by RERA, the emirate’s real estate regulator. Ejari Dubai is a ground-breaking mechanism that intends to govern Dubai’s real estate market. Law no. 26 of 2007 and subsequent revisions govern the Ejari Dubai system in great detail. The relationship between landlords and tenants is governed by these legal laws.

EJARI A Rental Agreement Registration

Owners or their representatives must be certified by EJARI to appear as “authorized lessors” and enter data into the system, according to the law. This is a requirement for renting or leasing property. Individuals can earn certification by attending a one-day course and passing a final test at RERA. Individuals must pay a fee to participate in the course and obtain certification. Only after receiving the status of “lessor or authorized representative” can certified private individuals freely file leases through the Ejari online portal ( (electronic registration).

People who have not completed the RERA 1-day course or who have not passed the final exam are not eligible to sign up for an Ejari contract. Applicants must visit an Ejari office in person or apply online in this circumstance. Because Ejari’s registration process has evolved into a sophisticated procedure, only qualified individuals are permitted to enter data into the system.

Please note that all leases in Dubai must be recorded in the Ejari information system as of March 14, 2010. This clause is required in all residential, business, and land leases in Dubai in order to make the rental market one of the most transparent in the world and to provide security to both tenants and owners. Individuals must pay the RERA-set registration fees in order to register a lease.

Register Ejari Contract

As a legal requirement, the contract must be registered. It was also necessary to register the rental agreement with Ejari in order to receive a large number of documents and begin new services. In fact, in the emirate of Dubai, the Ejari registration certificate is the only legally valid proof of residency. Ejari registration is now required for the following:

  • obtain a new visa for residence (or extend an existing one)
  • Obtain an internet/multimedia connection.
  • Obtaining a business license
  • Domestic workers are hired (maids, gardeners, etc.)
  • Getting a liquor licence is the first step
  • Connection to DEWA for water and electricity
  • Highlights from Ejari Dubai

The Ejari system keeps track of a variety of events that occur during the lease lifecycle. In fact, Ejari keeps track of registrations, cancellations, renewals, cancellations, and contract assignments, all of which can be entered into the system. The aforementioned law also establishes new pricing rules for leased assets, including a cap on price increases in the event of a contract renewal for a longer period.

Finally, Ejari Dubai was created to ensure that properties are rented responsibly and that all parties’ rights are protected equally within a transparent and fair legal framework.

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