What are Top Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers in 2021?


Ruby is a free, open-source, and top programming language famous for its massive focus on simplicity. Hence, it is common for widespread usage for web application development. Apart from this, “Ruby” (programming language) and “on Rails” (framework) has become a prevailing yet productive resource in creating different kinds of software tools as well as apps. It is the main aim why so many developers are still using it after 16 years of its creation and top Ruby on Rails Hosting providers are still famous in the market.

Apart from its efficiency and simplicity, Ruby on Rails is still developers’ preference, especially because of its compassionate and zealous community backing it. It means that even the small tech-savvy learners can also recognize several documentations for assisting them to overcome the learning curve. The key issue occurs when you have to choose between the top Ruby on Rails hosting for hosting software apps expecting to build a framework.

While picking among the top Ruby on Rails hosting services, this framework needs a maximum level of server resources, even for simple websites. Therefore, choosing the best Rails hosting provider is indispensable, which can be very tricky at times.

To save you from all the stress of going through the process of testing so many top Ruby on Rails hosting providers, here are some of the best Rails hosting services to benefit you.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web VPS hosting plans delivers robust varieties for exceptionally best Rails hosting. The web hosting is managed with VPS hosting, which provides great power with the finest security features. Moreover, the ease of use controls the competence of busy developers.

Liquid Web is competent enough since its emphasis on managed VPS hosting. Nevertheless, the key idea of a managed hosting is that professionals take care of all the vital maintenance and security concerns. You can install any accessible Ruby version by only using RVM (Ruby Version Manager.) Also, you can make your hosting experience good by using a resource-rich package. Every VPS plan comes with features such as DDoS attack protection, integrated Firewall, Server Secure, Advanced Security, and many more.

Considering the control panels facet, Liquid Web allows you to opt for either Plesk Web Pro, cPanel Admin panel, or InterWorx. Thus, it denotes that you can select tools that are familiar to you. Liquid Web also offers root-level access so that you can accomplish virtual private servers according to your necessities. Additionally, it offers a faultless 100% uptime for up to 4 weeks. Hence the normal response time is consistent enough.


Navicosoft provides you the top Ruby on Rails Hosting. It is very popular for its web hosting services. Moreover, you can optimize your site efficiently by using Ruby on Rails hosting. The best part is that Navicosoft offers pre-installed features that you can frequently update with the latest version. Moreover, it also has a technical and expert team for providing immediate support.

Navicosoft is a specialist when it comes to best Rails Hosting. Whether you need a completive price, best service, constant server monitoring, or maximum uptime, Navicosoft excels in all. Ruby on Rails Hosting enables you to create a dynamic site with the extra benefits of database interaction. In addition to this, Navicosoft provides Ruby on Rails Hosting Linux Unlimited, Linux Basic, and Linux Reseller web hosting package. Moreover, Ruby on Rails Hosting enables you to avail Linux Hosting features without any extra server software.


Bluehost is among the famous providers in the web hosting market. It is also amongst the web hosts for providing Ruby on Rails hosting for all the packages. Moreover, it provides you a decent and affordable pricing plan for a 3-year shared hosting so that users get a worthy value for money.

If you have a low low-priced or you are dealing with a small-scale Ruby project, you can use this best shared hosting. Meanwhile, the web hosting provider supports Ruby on shared plans so that you can consider this option. For your ease of use, you can even opt for hosting with an arrangement of a built-in management panel as well as cPanel integration.

If you want even high robust servers, Bluehost also offers you VPS solutions. It provides you with fully managed VPS plans with a root access. Hence, you will be able to manage virtual servers according to your requirements. In addition, you also get a convenient usage of the cPanel/WHM user management panel. The economical shared hosting plan delivers you 20 MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB SSD storage, and a free SSL, which is appropriate for an entry-level plan.


DreamHost is among the prominent hosting providers in the web hosting market. The important advantage is that it provides you tremendously reasonable pricing with all the plans. In addition to this, DreamHost servers have Ruby pre-installed, which is the best aspect. Therefore, you need to consider it for the best Rails hosting.

DreamHost should certainly be your choice if you are looking for cheap and best Ruby on Rails hosting. It is because they support Rails apps even on the shared servers. But the drawback of shared hosting is that it comes with limited resources. Hence you will have to choose whether your project can work with those boundaries such as storage, RAM, and Ruby’s older version.

If shared hosting is not a worthy option for you, DreamHost also offers Ruby on VPS hosting. The host offers a fully managed VPS so that you don’t have to be tense about it. DreamHost professionals will take care of all the concerns and glitches on your virtual server. Whether you select shared or VPS hosting, they are controlled using a custom control panel.

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