stowabike folding bike

How to operate a stowabike folding bike

How to operate a stowabike folding bike

When it comes to getting your kid into the back of a family car, and out of the house, one of the most common options is a stowabike folding bike. Many people think that the stowabikes are really cool because of their unique design. It might sound crazy at first, but once you get to know how to operate a Stowabike 20 city bike you will see why so many parents are opting for this mode of transportation.


Operating is very easy

How to operate a stowabike is very easy. You fold the bike down, put it in the trunk of the car, and you can take it with you just about anywhere. The great thing is that stowabikes are very small, so they don’t take up much space. five-gallon jugs of fuel can fit in the handlebars of a stowabike. This makes it very easy to bring the little bike wherever you want to go.


Easy to set up and takedown

Parents love the fact that stowabikes are light. They are very easy to set up and takedown. Just remove the seat and attach the back wheel, and you are ready to ride. This makes them very convenient, as you never have to worry about carrying a heavy bicycle all around.


Looks like a regular bike

A stowabike looks just like a regular bike. Some even have two seats. If you want to make the ride fun for your children, you can replace the normal seat with a toddler seat that is attached to the back of the bike. These are extremely popular among younger children. You can easily put your child in the back seat while you take another trip.


Lock up when not using it

The best part about stowabikes is that you never have to leave home. All you need to do is lock up your bike when you are not using it. Most stowabikes come with wheels that are locked into place so that they cannot move, even if they are propped up on a wall. This means that you never have to worry about locking up your stowabike while you are on vacation.


Comfortable bike seat

Some stowabikes also come with a backrest, which can sit up on top of the seat. If you prefer a more traditional style of folding bike, then a stowabike with a seat will give you a comfortable place to sit. Most traditional bikes that come with seats are a bit on the heavy side, but with a stowabike, you will be able to carry the weight without much strain.


It’s fun and easy

In conclusion, learning how to operate a stowabike can be a fun and easy experience. Once you have mastered the process of folding and unfolding your stowabike, you will be able to commute to work with it and go on weekend trips with friends and family. The best part about the stowabike is that you will be able to get around on it as if it were a normal bicycle. In fact, a lot of people prefer the fold-up process overriding a bike in traffic because they do not have to worry about hitting others or causing an accident.



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